September 8, 2016

So, you’ve started a business. You might already have the perfect logo, a content strategy, and a website in the works – but we’re going to fill you in on why you need a brand guide.


Let’s take it from the top. What is a brand guide? The Executionists describe it as, “the public face of your business; the “skin” that projects your company’s identity and defines how your clients, customers and partners view your business.” It’s crucial that your brand reflects uniformity when it comes to fonts, colors, logo variations, and voice. Why?


Building Brand Recognition


It’s lime green… It’s forest green… it’s Starbucks green! Think of all the logos you see on a regular basis. Coca-Cola, we’re looking at you. You’re probably thinking about the design, the font, and the color, before you even think about the product itself. That’s because these businesses have strict brand guides. Starbucks doesn’t use different variations of green, they use their exact green every time. By establishing the perfect color palette, fonts, and more, your brand will become more recognizable.


Designers Will Thank You


Chances are if you’re building a successful business, you’ll need to work with designers. Need an advertisement for a magazine? A graphic for a blog? What about a new website? It’s crucial these designs match your brand. Just send over your brand guide to the designer. They will instantly know what typography they should use, your color palette, your inspiration, and much more. Ah, it feels so good to be on the same page. Less revisions, less time, less money.


Unique Marketing Content


In today’s marketing, eye-catching content is essential. Whether it be a Facebook ad, a uniform Instagram feed, or a blog for your website – your marketing content will stand out if it’s true to your brand. Using your brand guide while creating graphics will automatically make your marketing materials unique to your business. This will stop people in their tracks when it becomes recognizable and relevant to your audience.


Green Eyed Monster Media would love to work with you to create a brand guide that reflects your vision and connects with your potential clients and customers. Let’s create a brand that stands out from the rest.


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