5 Feng Shui Tips to Create a User-Friendly Site

Feng shui | noun |ˈfəŋ-ˈshwē, -ˈshwā\ : a Chinese system for positioning a building and the objects within a building in a way that is thought to agree with spiritual forces and to bring health and happiness


We’ve all been there. You visit a website expecting to able to navigate through the pages seamlessly, but that’s not the case. Chaos ensues. Viewing a website with unnecessary information and a cluttered interface is like walking into a home of a hoarder. Let’s go through and get rid of everything dispensable and create a minimalistic, user-friendly website.


Make your Front Page Inviting


One of the very first rules of feng shui is having a welcoming front door. The same goes for your website. When your users are visiting your website, it should be clear and inviting. Your front page is your first impression. If it is too cluttered, they’ll move to someone else’s page.


Stay True to your Branding


It’s difficult to create a harmonious environment without sticking to a common theme. Imagine a home that is industrial, bohemian, eclectic, and elegant. Sounds like a total headache, right? Using a million different colors and designs can lead to an anxiety-filled user-experience. Do you have a brand guide? If so, stay loyal to it. If not, create one! A brand guide is crucial to maintaining a balanced website.


Keep your Page an Open Concept


We all know how important it is to still be able see the big game, while making guacamole in the kitchen.  Keep your user’s options in plain sight. This means, keep your menu at the top of your website. If they are taking the time out of their schedule to visit your website, you should present them with the different parts of your website the moment they click on your page. Please, no trapped doors on your website.


Lose the Clutter


Have a pair of jeans you haven’t worn in 10 years? What are they still doing in your closet? It’s time to clear the clutter. Websites are full of out-dated information, ancient blog posts, and useless pages. Go through your site and weed out the parts that aren’t entirely pivotal for your brand. Your users will thank you for providing them with a straight-to-the-point experience.


Fix What’s Broken


Has your drain been clogged for over three weeks? Or perhaps, a doorknob has needed to be replaced still you moved into your house? It takes more energy just thinking about it than just getting it done. For your website, fix those broken pages. Does a specific page need edits, new links, etc.? Just cross it off your to do list, so you are able to focus on improving your site!


While creating your website, Green Eyed Monster Media will obey the rules of feng shui. We want to create a minimalistic website that is true to your brand. Let’s work together to build an interface that provides a seamless user-experience.